I recently read an article from an attorney who had obviously had bad experiences with lead generation companies and decided to write an article just bashing the entire industry.

While there was some good info in the article, there were some serious mistakes and misinformation. I will be doing a couple of short blog posts about different mistakes covered, but today we will be talking about the beef he had with companies that claim they have ‘proprietary’ processes and/or software.

What is the secret sauce to rank your ads on Google?


He claims no such thing exists and there is no secret sauce to rank of Google. He’s right, but he’s also wrong. How can that be?

He is right because anyone can come up with a few keywords and rank on Google Adwords paid ads and I’ll talk more about that in a future article in more detail, but sticking to what I want to talk about today, while I can’t speak for the companies he dealt with, for myself I do have a proprietary process and software for that proprietary process.

From the article it seems he took proprietary processes to mean that the companies that say that are hiding something that would make them look bad if people knew,  or are claiming their software is somehow better than Google’s and claiming it let’s them do things no one else can.

While I can’t speak for those companies and be sure that’s what they are saying, what I can say with certainty for myself is that is not the case for our company, Prime Attorney Client Acquisition.

The proprietary software we use is for our campaign process. Our campaign process is different from most companies because we create hundreds, sometimes thousands of individual ads, not just a few and along with some other key things this software does it takes our set up work that would take 2 to 4 weeks the ‘old fashioned’ way because of how extensive our campaigns are, and allows us to get it done in around half that time.

This lets us get your campaigns set up and running in Google Adwords sooner, and typically with much better initial quality. The better job that we do in setting up these campaigns, the better they can initially perform, and that’s important because we are committed to deliver results to you quickly and prove ourselves. Earning your trust is our #1 goal.

So proprietary software and processes doesn’t mean we somehow managed to beat Google at their own game, and it’s not even an attempt at hype. It just means we have tools to work smarter and more effectively to build, analyze, and optimize your campaigns.

So that’s it for this post. Keep an eye out for our next post where we further address the ‘no secret sauce’ comment, ranking your ads on Google, and how it can lead to some really bad advice and decisions.

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Gus Irizarry
Prime Attorney Client Acquisition