Today’s post will build upon our previous post about What Proprietary Software And Processes really means. If you didn’t see that post, I invite you to take a few minutes to check it out now.

For some background, in that post I talked about an article by an attorney who obviously had bad experiences with lead generation companies and decided to write an article just bashing lead generation companies.

In this post I want to further discuss a comment this attorney made that nothing about lead generation marketing is proprietary and that there is no secret sauce to rank on Google.

He’s was right, and he was wrong. How can that be? Let’s explore that.

He goes on to give an example that says that you can just create your own ad with the keywords ‘personal injury attorney’ as an exact keyword match and get results. He even took it a step further and said you could limit it to your location. He’s right, you could do that.

The problem with this is that it is also the same basic strategy the company he hired and a good number of marketing agencies you would hire would use, and it’s not the best strategy. So if it’s not the best strategy for the company you hired and wasted money with to run your ads, how is it not a mistake to just waste the money yourself repeating the same mistake?

In addition to that mistake you are now not just wasting money, you are wasting your own time doing your own marketing when you should be saving that time to spend it on your clients, and then how much of that time are you going to spend truly optimizing your ads based on your results over time? You don’t need to take that time away from working for your clients either, and you are not going to.

So why is this technique not the best strategy? First the intention behind the keywords used in not clear.

Ask yourself, what is a  person searching for when they type ‘personal injury attorney’? Are they truly looking for an attorney? There is a fair chance they are…sure,  but they could also be looking for info on what a personal attorney does, they could be looking for what it takes to be a personal injury attorney, the history of personal injury attorneys or any other number of possibilities

Now this doesn’t mean you should not be using that keyword, but it’s definitely not the keyword you should be putting the entire fate of your practice and all your ad budget on. A better choice would be keyword sets that indicates a clearer intention of what they are searching for.

Keywords with the clearest level of intention are the words you should be paying the most attention to when generating leads for your family law practice.

Lastly when it comes to location, I’ve even seen experts not make sure their location setup was what I like to call ‘bulletproof’, so they don’t have their ads show up in places they shouldn’t.

For example, I’ve seen ads searches that were for Vancouver Canada show up in Vancouver, Washington. That is a waste of your ad spend money when that happens.

So is there a secret sauce to ranking on Google? There is a sauce, a recipe, but I don’t think it’s a secret. You just need the right sauce.

The right sauce is just the difference between the good and the great,  the difference in the skills and tactical knowledge of campaign strategy, keyword analysis, and keyword optimization over time, and the difference in the ad and keyword grouping method almost everyone uses which is also what this attorney recommended, versus our individual 1 on 1 ad method, and that difference is usually not just trivial, it can be exceptional.

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Gus Irizarry
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