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At the time I am writing this, it was just over 11 years ago that the first iPhone was released to the market, social media was just getting started, and although search engines already had almost a decade of development, they were far from the effectiveness and sophistication you see today.

These 3 factors have completely changed the marketing and advertising landscape, and along with it your potential clients mindset.

Your potential clients are becoming more digitally focused with every single day that goes by. More Millennials, considered to be adults ages 18-35, will be getting married over time.  Many will likely get divorced and they are not going to find you on a billboard, bus sign, or park bench sign. They are going to find you searching through their mobile phone.

If you have kids like I do or young adults in your family or even in your office and you observe them, they are glued to their phones. The evidence is right in front of you. They are also a generation that seems to be more socially awkward than previous generations. Their social skills are not as good. I believe this may also be a factor that could result in more divorces from the Millennial generation.

As the Millennial generation grows older and the older generations that responded to traditional advertising methods passes on, your traditional advertising’s effectiveness will over time continue to become less effective, and as I have covered in previous posts tracking the decline in traditional advertising effectiveness is difficult, but when you look at the trends over the past few decades, the overall trend is definitely already down and will continue to head that way.

And this trend is not unique to Millennials, people as old as 40 to 60 have seen shifts in attention spans and mindset. For a little bit of history and background on how much things have changed make sure you didn’t miss my previous blog post which you can click here to read.

Do you still need to use traditional advertising?


Absolutely. Plenty of people in my business will tell you that it’s dead and you should put all your efforts into digital for their own self interests.

The truth is that it’s not dead yet. It will probably come close to dying, but never completely die at least in my lifetime and I am 45 years old at the time of writing this, but the shift to digital advertising is not only inevitable and it’s already in full swing, and it is so strong in some markets and age groups that not having digital billboard marketing means you are missing out on many clients that need you, and they are just finding someone else who does have that digital presence.

How should your advertising traffic sources be split up?


Everyone’s needs will be slightly different, but overall when you add digital marketing into the mix, it should be receiving the majority of your overall budget, especially for a properly executed campaign that gives you live, instant leads consisting of people calling your office or filling out a live form looking for representation like we can deliver.

When working with a campaign like this, you need to make sure you have the proper, effective qualifying and intake processes in place to handle the traffic. Getting leads is great, but not if you can’t keep up and they slip through the cracks and end up going to someone else who makes a better impression.

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