How Many Traffic Sources Do You Need?

How Many Traffic Sources Do You Need?

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At the time I am writing this, it was just over 11 years ago that the first iPhone was released to the market, social media was just getting started, and although search engines already had almost a decade of development, they were far from the effectiveness and sophistication you see today.

These 3 factors have completely changed the marketing and advertising landscape, and along with it your potential clients mindset.

Your potential clients are becoming more digitally focused with every single day that goes by. More Millennials, considered to be adults ages 18-35, will be getting married over time.  Many will likely get divorced and they are not going to find you on a billboard, bus sign, or park bench sign. They are going to find you searching through their mobile phone.

If you have kids like I do or young adults in your family or even in your office and you observe them, they are glued to their phones. The evidence is right in front of you. They are also a generation that seems to be more socially awkward than previous generations. Their social skills are not as good. I believe this may also be a factor that could result in more divorces from the Millennial generation.

As the Millennial generation grows older and the older generations that responded to traditional advertising methods passes on, your traditional advertising’s effectiveness will over time continue to become less effective, and as I have covered in previous posts tracking the decline in traditional advertising effectiveness is difficult, but when you look at the trends over the past few decades, the overall trend is definitely already down and will continue to head that way.

And this trend is not unique to Millennials, people as old as 40 to 60 have seen shifts in attention spans and mindset. For a little bit of history and background on how much things have changed make sure you didn’t miss my previous blog post which you can click here to read.

Do you still need to use traditional advertising?


Absolutely. Plenty of people in my business will tell you that it’s dead and you should put all your efforts into digital for their own self interests.

The truth is that it’s not dead yet. It will probably come close to dying, but never completely die at least in my lifetime and I am 45 years old at the time of writing this, but the shift to digital advertising is not only inevitable and it’s already in full swing, and it is so strong in some markets and age groups that not having digital billboard marketing means you are missing out on many clients that need you, and they are just finding someone else who does have that digital presence.

How should your advertising traffic sources be split up?


Everyone’s needs will be slightly different, but overall when you add digital marketing into the mix, it should be receiving the majority of your overall budget, especially for a properly executed campaign that gives you live, instant leads consisting of people calling your office or filling out a live form looking for representation like we can deliver.

When working with a campaign like this, you need to make sure you have the proper, effective qualifying and intake processes in place to handle the traffic. Getting leads is great, but not if you can’t keep up and they slip through the cracks and end up going to someone else who makes a better impression.

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If you have the staff and proper processes in place to handle more new clients and are interested in seeing how we can help add digital marketing into your process. Give us a call to schedule a discovery session with us or use the link at the top in the menu to schedule your discovery session now.

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Why traditional advertising has become less effective

Why traditional advertising has become less effective

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So as of the time I am writing this I am 45 years old. As you read this you may or may not be old enough to remember there was a time when we had to either memorize and remember every phone number that was important to us, or keep a little ‘black book’ of your phone numbers and contacts. For some of you, you may not even know there was the time when your phone was either on your wall or your desk and you couldn’t take it with you!

Do you know how you remembered an advertisement at that time? I still do, I would either have to quickly try to memorize the name and contact info as if it was just as important as my best friends and family, or maybe be lucky enough to have something to write it down, or maybe the company was smart enough to have a catchy slogan that would help me remember them.

In those times it was my experience that people paid attention, and that attention along with the lack of the sheer bombardment of ads that you see today, traditional advertising simply worked, and it worked well.

It worked so well in fact that no one really cared that you couldn’t closely and accurately track your results. Put one or a few billboard ads up, have an ad spot on the radio and local newspaper and your phone rang, and you didn’t care which ad was making your phone ring the most because you had enough coming in to cover it all.

Whether you have noticed it or not, those days have changed and attention spans have had massive shifts.

According to an article in Psychology Today, technology has changed how we consume news, literature, movies, and TV and this has led to shorter attention spans.

In music, the old vinyl LP’s didn’t make it easy for you to skip songs, and although you could fast forward when cassette tapes came along it still wasn’t convenient and you would mostly listen to all the songs Once CD’s and digital music came and as attentions spans shifted if a song didn’t grab you right away you could easily skip it and that’s what listeners started doing.

Music companies caught on to this and shifted by shortening their song intros from 20 to 30 seconds, to as little as 5 seconds or less. If you are a fan of 80’s music and compare it to music today, you will immediately notice that difference.

This massive shift has affected how your traditional advertising methods work, and you have no easy way of quantifying how much things have shifted because nothing has changed as far as tracking which traditional advertisement channel are producing the best results.

Traditional advertising for lead generation has become less effective and will continue to decline over time.


If you are an attorney with a successful practice you run on traditional advertising you might be reading this and thinking ‘That’s great, but we are doing pretty good with traditional ads.’

I believe you, I do, and if your traditional ads were as effective as they were in the 70’s and 80’s today, you would find the difference in the number of clients these ads drove to your practice would be MUCH higher.

You really don’t know exactly how much the effectiveness from traditional advertising has dropped and the worst part is that it is going to continue to drop.

I expect this shift will likely be even more pronounced over the next 5 years that it has been in the last 15 years, and unfortunately many who don’t stay ahead of it are going to feel the pain of not adding digital advertising to their marketing strategy.

Here at Prime Attorney Client Acquisition, besides being committed to give you results that show up quickly, our process tracks and delivers your results daily, along with monthly reports that allow you to see how your campaigns are working.

If this sounds like something you would like to ad to your practice to attract more ideal, lucrative clients, give me a call to schedule a discovery session or go through the discovery session link at the top of our webpage menu and let’s see how we can help your practice grow.

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Today’s post will build upon our previous post about What Proprietary Software And Processes really means. If you didn’t see that post, I invite you to take a few minutes to check it out now.

For some background, in that post I talked about an article by an attorney who obviously had bad experiences with lead generation companies and decided to write an article just bashing lead generation companies.

In this post I want to further discuss a comment this attorney made that nothing about lead generation marketing is proprietary and that there is no secret sauce to rank on Google.

He’s was right, and he was wrong. How can that be? Let’s explore that.

He goes on to give an example that says that you can just create your own ad with the keywords ‘personal injury attorney’ as an exact keyword match and get results. He even took it a step further and said you could limit it to your location. He’s right, you could do that.

The problem with this is that it is also the same basic strategy the company he hired and a good number of marketing agencies you would hire would use, and it’s not the best strategy. So if it’s not the best strategy for the company you hired and wasted money with to run your ads, how is it not a mistake to just waste the money yourself repeating the same mistake?

In addition to that mistake you are now not just wasting money, you are wasting your own time doing your own marketing when you should be saving that time to spend it on your clients, and then how much of that time are you going to spend truly optimizing your ads based on your results over time? You don’t need to take that time away from working for your clients either, and you are not going to.

So why is this technique not the best strategy? First the intention behind the keywords used in not clear.

Ask yourself, what is a  person searching for when they type ‘personal injury attorney’? Are they truly looking for an attorney? There is a fair chance they are…sure,  but they could also be looking for info on what a personal attorney does, they could be looking for what it takes to be a personal injury attorney, the history of personal injury attorneys or any other number of possibilities

Now this doesn’t mean you should not be using that keyword, but it’s definitely not the keyword you should be putting the entire fate of your practice and all your ad budget on. A better choice would be keyword sets that indicates a clearer intention of what they are searching for.

Keywords with the clearest level of intention are the words you should be paying the most attention to when generating leads for your family law practice.

Lastly when it comes to location, I’ve even seen experts not make sure their location setup was what I like to call ‘bulletproof’, so they don’t have their ads show up in places they shouldn’t.

For example, I’ve seen ads searches that were for Vancouver Canada show up in Vancouver, Washington. That is a waste of your ad spend money when that happens.

So is there a secret sauce to ranking on Google? There is a sauce, a recipe, but I don’t think it’s a secret. You just need the right sauce.

The right sauce is just the difference between the good and the great,  the difference in the skills and tactical knowledge of campaign strategy, keyword analysis, and keyword optimization over time, and the difference in the ad and keyword grouping method almost everyone uses which is also what this attorney recommended, versus our individual 1 on 1 ad method, and that difference is usually not just trivial, it can be exceptional.

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I recently read an article from an attorney who had obviously had bad experiences with lead generation companies and decided to write an article just bashing the entire industry.

While there was some good info in the article, there were some serious mistakes and misinformation. I will be doing a couple of short blog posts about different mistakes covered, but today we will be talking about the beef he had with companies that claim they have ‘proprietary’ processes and/or software.

What is the secret sauce to rank your ads on Google?


He claims no such thing exists and there is no secret sauce to rank of Google. He’s right, but he’s also wrong. How can that be?

He is right because anyone can come up with a few keywords and rank on Google Adwords paid ads and I’ll talk more about that in a future article in more detail, but sticking to what I want to talk about today, while I can’t speak for the companies he dealt with, for myself I do have a proprietary process and software for that proprietary process.

From the article it seems he took proprietary processes to mean that the companies that say that are hiding something that would make them look bad if people knew,  or are claiming their software is somehow better than Google’s and claiming it let’s them do things no one else can.

While I can’t speak for those companies and be sure that’s what they are saying, what I can say with certainty for myself is that is not the case for our company, Prime Attorney Client Acquisition.

The proprietary software we use is for our campaign process. Our campaign process is different from most companies because we create hundreds, sometimes thousands of individual ads, not just a few and along with some other key things this software does it takes our set up work that would take 2 to 4 weeks the ‘old fashioned’ way because of how extensive our campaigns are, and allows us to get it done in around half that time.

This lets us get your campaigns set up and running in Google Adwords sooner, and typically with much better initial quality. The better job that we do in setting up these campaigns, the better they can initially perform, and that’s important because we are committed to deliver results to you quickly and prove ourselves. Earning your trust is our #1 goal.

So proprietary software and processes doesn’t mean we somehow managed to beat Google at their own game, and it’s not even an attempt at hype. It just means we have tools to work smarter and more effectively to build, analyze, and optimize your campaigns.

So that’s it for this post. Keep an eye out for our next post where we further address the ‘no secret sauce’ comment, ranking your ads on Google, and how it can lead to some really bad advice and decisions.

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